Rhoda Dodson Pedigree
Born:   1767 Pittsylvania County, Virginia Commonwealth
Thomas "Second Fork" Dodson, Jr (1728-1816)
Mother:  Mary Neville (1730-1816)
 Alexander Hitt(son) (1750-1823)
Children:   See Timeline for their ten children
Died: 1814 Halifax, Halifax County, Virginia USA
Hittson Family Cemetery, Halifax, Virginia USA ***
*** The Memorials in this cemetery are strictly personal; the
cemetery is not yet confirmed.
Rhoda Dodson
Matriarch of the Hittson Family
Virginia Commonwealth
"To be ignorant of what happened before you were born is to remain forever a
child.  For what is the value of human life unless it is woven into the lives of our
ancestors by the records of history?"  -Cicero, 46 B.C.

The Hittson Project
11 August 1765, the Dodson family moved from
Pittsylvania County to Birch Creek in Halifax County,
Virginia to build the Broad Run Baptist Church.  Alexander
Hitt(son) donated the land for the church and
Rhoda Dodson was born 1767 in Pittsylvania, Virginia.  
The largest county in Virginia, Pittsylvania County consists
of 982.89 square miles. Situated in the south-central
Piedmont plateau region, the land is rolling to hilly with
elevations averaging from 400 to 800 feet above sea level.
The highest point in the county is Smith Mountain which is
2,043 feet high. The county borders North Carolina and is
adjacent to the city of Danville. Chatham, the county seat,
is 140 miles from Richmond, 68 miles from Roanoke,50
miles from Lynchburg, and 96 miles from Raleigh, North
Carolina. The county was formed in 1767 from Halifax
County and assumed its present boundaries in 1777. It
was named for William Pitt, Earl of Chatham, a British
20 November 1786, Rhoda Dodson married Alexander
Hitt, according to "A History of Halifax County."  Alexander
was widowed and had two small children,
Richard Hitt and
Sally Hitt.  

From this date, Alexander used the name "Hittson."  It is
probable that Rhoda and Alexander Hittson lived the
remainder of their lives in
Halifax County
Births of ten children began in 1789
Elizabeth Hittson (1789-1872)
Nancy Hittson (1789-1856)
Patsy "Mary" Hittson (1789-1877)
Mary Polly "Polly" Hittson (1790-1856)
Thomas Hittson (1792-1876)
Benjamin Hittson (1794-)
Alexander Hittson, Jr. (1796-1857)
Berryman Hittson (1798-1857)
Jesse Hittson (1801-1861)
Sally Hittson (1802-1885)
During the time of her death in 1814, there are two
locations that may be possible:  her home in Halifax,
Virginia, and Mount Pleasant, Shenandoah, Virginia,
where she and her mother are found.
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Major General Nathanael Greene Saves The Army
Halifax County Virginia, February 14, 1781 by Werner Willis