The Hittson Families of Arkansas USA
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Green Forest, Carrol County, Arkansas
Osage General Store, in historical town of Osage, Arkansas
Stubblefield Hittson, Builder & Owner

"Osage General Store, it was completed in 18
98 by Wyatt
Hittson after two years of construction. According to local
historians, the two-and-a-half story building originally carried
everything a resident might need, from the "cradle to the
grave". This included a coffin room on the upper level, as well
as rooms to rent.
Wyatt Hittson (1808-1875) (son of Richard Hittson
Patriarch of Arkansas Hittson  Families
Thomas Jefferson "Jeff" Hittson
B.  7 Aug 1832
D.  4 Feb 1920
Carroll County, Arkansas
William Richard Hittson
B. 1836
D. 8 May 1892
Robert Lock Hittson
B. 1845
D. 1889
Sweetwater, Nolan, Texas
Nancy Morton Hittson
B. 3 Feb 1837
D.  11 Mar 1906
Carroll County, Arkansas
Lucinda I Chaney
B. 17 May 1852
D. 8 Feb 1923
Patience Jane Allred
B. 13 May 1850
D. 19 Feb 1924
Hartley County, Texas
Wyatt Stubblefield Hittson
B.  23 Dec 1858
D. 24 Jun 1928
Mary Jane Lasater Hittson
M. Grace Wilburn Sugg Hittson
George Thomas Hittson
B.  8 Mar 1873
D. 15 May 1964
Rule, Carroll, Arkansas
Martha Melinda Chase
Mary Elizabeth Hittson
B. Nov 1877
D. 10 Jan 1926
James Johnson Yopp
Collingsworth, Texas
Cassandra Isabelle Hittson
B. 1 Sep 1861
D.2 Apr 1900
Alfred Allred
Robert Coe Hittson
B.5 Sep 1874
D. 1 Feb 1956
Rule, Carroll, Arkansas
W.  Ida Mae Hittson
Otis J Hittson
B. 17 Jun 1880
D.  10 Apr 1950
Yuma County, Arizona
John Thomas Hittson
B. 1874
D. abt 1885
Mary Ann Dolly Hittson
B. 12 Sep 1877
D. 16 May 1942
Tuskahoma, Pushmataha, OK
James Ross Blasingame
Laban B Hittson
B. Sep 1883
D. 9 Sep 1939
Jamieson Ranch
Sanders, Apache, Arizona
Martha Jane "Bey" Hittson
10 Aug 1875
D. Jul 1969
Wilburn Sneed Seitz
John W Hittson
B. 25 Aug 1879
D. 18 Jul 1880
Rule, Carroll, Arkansas
Hattie May Hittson
B.  4 Feb 1888
D.  28 Nov 1938
M. Lester Hy McCorkle
Amarillo, Potter, Texas
  Myrtle Jane Hittson
B. 22 Jan 1881
D. 26 Aug 1970
Afton, Ottawa, Oklahoma
Henry Austin Blasingame
M. Samuel R Fisher
Myrtle Lee Hittson
B. 04 Feb 1888
D. 28 Nov 1938
Chester Asa Williamson
Amarillo, Potter, Texas
  Roy Oscar Hittson
B. 2 May 1886
D. 6 Dec 1942
Liberty, Carroll, Arkansas
Grace Jane Allred
  William Mason "Mace" Hittson
B. 25 Apr 1885
D. 28 Jun 1911
Rule, Carroll, Arkansas
M.  Susan Emilie Fisher
Memorials for the Richard Hittson Family in Arkansas

Wyatt Hittson (1808-1875)
Martha Stubblefield Hittson (1812-1874)

Mary Polly Hittson (1814-1907)
Alfred Fauster Brawley (1814-1895)

Thomas Jefferson "Jeff" Hittson (1832-1920)
Nancy Morton Hittson (1837-1906)

William Richard Hittson (1836-1892)
Lucinda I Chaney Hittson (1852-1923)

Robert Loch Hittson (1845-1889)
Patience Jane Allred Hittson (1850-1924)

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1808:  Son of Richard Hitt(son) and Drucella Stubblefied; born in Grainger County, Tennessee.  All four sons of Wyatt Hittson took the name

1836:  At age 28, Wyatt married Martha Stubblefield in Coffee County, Tennessee.  Martha is the daughter of William Stubblefield and Wilmuth
Bond.  She could have been a cousin to Wyatt's mother, Drucella Stubblefield, but Drucella's ancestry is unknown at this time.
It is listed that Wyatt's occupation is farmer; what he farmed is unknown.  He is the father of four "Hittson" sons.

1862:  1862 tax assessments show Wyatt owns two parcels of land in District 10, Coffree County, Tennessee.  One parcel is 680 acres and the
other is 124 acres.  The valuation on 680 acres is $2,000 and the tax assessment is $7.00.  The valuation of the 124 acres is $500 and the tax
assessment is $1.75.

After 1862:  Wyatt sold his farmland in Tennessee and moved to Carroll County, Arkansas during the Civil War, a slave-free state with less
conflict.  He purchased 900 acres for farming and built the Osage Store building in Green Forest, Arkansas.

1875:  Wyatt Hittson died in 1875 at the age of 67 years.  He is interred in the Rule Cemetery with the Rule Baptist Church in Carroll County,
Arkansas.  His wife, Martha Stubblefield Hittson died in 1874.  The entire family survived the Civil War.