The Hittson Project
Generation Two
Descendants of Alexander Hitt(son)
Halifax, Virginia
1.    Richard Hitt(son) m.  Drucella Stubblefield -- Grainger County, Tennessee
2.    Sallie Hitt(son)
Elizabeth Hittson m.  George Teamond Dodson - Hancock County, Tennessee
Mary Polly Hittson m.  Beverly Mays Jr - Hancock County, Tennessee
Mary Patsy Hittson m. William Grandshire Tolleson - Alabama and Mississippi
6.    Nancy Hittson - Hawkins County, Tennessee
Thomas Hittson m. Patsy Martha Tucker - Hancock County, Tennessee
8.    Benjamin Hittson
Alexander Hittson, Jr m. (a) Nancy Gander Davenport (Virginia) and (b) Mary Jane Motley - Kemp, Texas
10.  Berryman Hittson
 Jesse Hittson m. Mary Ann Beck Hart - Tennessee and Texas
12.  Sally Hittson m. Jonas Chaney - Virginia and Missouri
History & Genealogy of Alexander Hittson Family 1750-2014
Second Generation
2.        Richard Hitt (Alexander -1) - Traditionally Richard Hitt was born to Alexander Hitt and Mackey Royall Hitt in 1780,
Halifax County, Virginia. A marriage record is found in Grainger, Tennessee where his signature on original marriage bond of
6 Aug 1801 is "Richard Hits."  His marriage to Drucella Stubblefield took place on 13 Aug 1801 by Peter Harris, Justice of the
Peace.  The 1810 US Census from Grainger County, Tennessee records his name as "Richard Hitson."  At age 33 and
during the War of 1812, "Richard Hitts" enlists in "Bunch's Regiment, mounted, (1813-1814), East Tennessee Volunteers.
"Richard Hittson" is named on Claiborne County, Tennessee records as murdered 27 Oct 1826, age 46, by his son-in-law
Lewis Wilburn.  The family of Drucilla Stubblefield Hittson, Sheriff William Stubblefield, captured Wilburn in North Carolina and
returned him to Claiborne County for trial.  The outcome of this trial has not been found at this time, and currently there are no
records found after the date of his trial.
    Drucella Stubblefield Hittson lived with her daughter, Mary Polly Hittson Brawley in Grundy, Tennessee until her death at
about age 68 after 1850.
    Children and grandchildren of Richard Hittson and Drucella Stubblefield Hittson are as follows:
            13.  Sarah Hittson *
                    53.  S.S. Willburn *  
            14.  Wyatt Hittson *
                    54.  Thomas Jefferson "Jeff" Hittson *
                    55.  William Richard Hittson *
                    56.  Robert Lock Hittson *
            15.  Mary Polly Hittson*
                    57.  Wyatt Leroy Brawley *
                    58.  Cinderella Brawley *
                    59.  Mary Brawley *
                    60.  William Buck Brawley *
                    61.  Dee Hence Brawley *
                    62.  Drucilla Prudence Brawley *
                    63.  Thomas Greek Brawley *
                    64.  Nancy Ann Brawley *
                    65.  Frances Fannie Brawley *
                    66.  Mary Brawley *
            16.  Berryman Hittson -- b. May 1818 in Grainger, Tennessee and d. before 1908 in Bedford County, Tennessee.  
From 1830-1890, Berryman's occupation  was "farmer" in Coffee County, Tennessee.  At the age of 24 in 1842,              
Berryman married Sarah Patterson "Fillie" Ann Harpole and together they had five sons and four daughters.  
             Fillie Ann was born 16 Sep 1821, the daughter of Adam Harpole and Polly Bettis.  She died 3 Apr 1898 while visiting
her family in Kaufman County, Texas.  Her burial is in the Richard Cunningham Cemetery in Coffee County, Tennessee.
                    67.  Thomas Richard Hittson *
                    68.  Byron Alexander Hittson *
                    69.  Mary Hittson *
                    70.  Langston "Lank" Hittson *
                    71.  Martha Hittson *
                    72.  George Washington Hittson *
                    73.  Margaret "Maggie" Hittson *
                    74.  William Winfield Hittson *
                    75.  Sarah T Hittson *

3        Sallie Hitt(son) (Alexander-1) - - B. 1781 in Halifax County, Virginia USA; death date is unknown but probably died in
Grainger County, Tennessee USA.  She married William  Alderson 14 Dec 1795.  There are no documented children.
4.        Elizabeth Hittson (Alexander-1)  -- b. 1787 in Prince Edward County, Virginia USA; the first daughter of Alexander
Hittson and Rhoda Dodson Hittson.  Elizabeth married George Dodson (b. 1773 Virginia - d. 1842 Tennessee) 8 Mar 1814 in
Halifax, Halifax County, Virginia USA.  Elizabeth and George made their home on a farm at Big Creek, Hancock County,
Tennessee together with Thomas Hittson and his wife Patsy Tucker.  Elizabeth and George Dodson had three daughters.
            17..  Nancy Virginia Dodson *
            18. Elsie Dodson *
            19.  Lizzie Dodson *
5.        Mary Patsy Hittson (Alexander-1) -- (b. 1787 Halifax, Virginia USA - d. 21 Dec 1877 Tishomingo, Mississippi USA)  At
the age of 27 in 1814, Mary Patsy married William Grandshire Tolleson in Alabama USA where they made their home in
Cleburne.  Together they had seven sons and three daughters.  Before 1850, Patsy "Mary" and William moved to         
Tishomingo, Mississippi with several of their children.
            20.  William Thomas Tolleson *
            21.  Lavice Theodocia Tolleson *
            22.  Samuel Tolleson *
            23.  Clarissa Tolleson *
            24.  Hebron Tolleson *
            25.  Hittson Harrison Tolleson *
            26.  David Harrison Tolleson *
            27.  Nancy Tolleson *
            28.  Tilghman Tolleson *
            29.  Jesse Tolleson *
6.        Mary Polly Hittson (Alexander-1) --   (b. 1788 Halifax, Virginia USA - d. 1856 Hancock County Tennessee USA)  She
married 12 Jan 1820 to Beverly Mays Jr (b. 1796 Halifax, Virginia USA - d. 27 Oct 1856 in Hancock County, Tennessee
USA).  Together they had two sons and two daughters whom they raised in Tennessee
            30.  Beverly Mays III *
            31.  Elizabeth Mays *
            32. John Mays *
            33.  Sarah Mays *
7.        Nancy Hittson (Alexander-1) --  (b. 1789 Halifax, Virginia USA - d. 1856 Hawkins  County, Tennessee USA).  Nancy did
not marry.
8.        Thomas Hittson  (Alexander-1) -- (b. 1792 Halifax, Virginia USA - d. 1876 Big Creek, Hancock, Tennessee USA)  
Thomas married Martha Patsy Tucker (b. 1792 Amelia, Viginia USA - d. 1859 Big Creek, Hancock, Tennessee USA) 27 Dec
1810 at the age of 18.  During the War of 1812, Thomas enlisted and served in the Virginia Militia (1812- 1815).        
Together, Thomas and Patsy Hittson had two sons whom they raised in Virginia and Tennessee.  Both sons joined the
western expansion to Texas with their Uncle Jesse Hittson and Uncle Alexander Hittson Jr through Tippah, Mississippi in the
1840s. Thomas and Martha Patsy Hittson remained at Big Creek, Tennessee with the families of sisters Elizabeth Hittson
Dodson and Mary Polly Hittson Mays until their deaths.
            34.  Samuel David Hittson *
            35.  William Daniel Hittson *
9.        Benjamin Hittson (Alexander-1) --  (b. 1794 Halifax, Virginia USA - d. Panhandle, Potter County, Texas)
10.      Alexander Hittson, Jr. (Alexander-1) --  (b. 1796 Halifax, Virginia USA -  d. 1865 Kemp, Kaufman, Texas USA); son of
Alexander Hittson and Rhoda Dodson Hittson.  Alexander first married Nancy Gander Davenport 12 Dec 1817 in Halifax,
Virginia USA.  Nancy died with the birth of their son, William H Hittson in 1819.  Alexander then married Mary Jane "Jemima"
Motley 18 Jan 1821 in Pittsylvania, Virginia USA.  Together they had three sons and four daughters.  In about 1840, Alexander
and his family moved to Itawamba, Mississippi to homestead near his brother Jesse Hittson.  In 1846, the family first lived in
Rusk County, Texas. Soon, the family moved to Kemp, Kaufman County, Texas where the family flourished.  
            36.  William H Hittson *
            37.  Leander Caroline Hittson *
            38.  Jemima Jane Hittson *
            39.  Mary Minerva Ada Hittson *
            40.  Elizabeth LaFavre "Betty" Hittson *
            41.  Rawley C Hittson *
            42.  Charles Hodges Hittson *
            43.  John Alexander Hittson *
11.        Berryman Hittson (Alexander-1) --  (b. 1798 Prince Edward County, Virginia USA - d. 1857 Rusk County, Texas
USA).  Berryman did not marry.
12.        Jesse Hittson (Alexander-1) -- (b. 15 Sep 1801 Prince Edward County, Virginia USA - d. 25 Nov 1861 Weatherford,
Parker, Texas USA).  After his father's death, Jesse left Virginia and was hired by John Emasy Beck as a slave overseer on
the Beck Plantation.  He married Mary Ann "Polly" Beck Hart (b. 22 Jul 1798 Chatham, North Carolina USA -  d. 10 Oct 1879
Palo Pinto, Texas USA), was the widowed mother of Aaron H Hart (b. 25 Jun 1826 - d. 17 Apr 1867 Callahan County, Texas
USA).  Together Jesse and Polly Hittson had two sons.  
            44.  John Nathan Hittson *
            45.  William Bedford Hittson *
13.        Sally Hittson (Alexander-1) -- (b. 1802 Halifax, Virginia USA - d. 14 Mar 1885 Lynn, Cedar, Missouri USA)  Sally
Hittson and Jonas Chaney (b. 1794 Halifax, Virginia - d. 13 Dec 1880 Lynn, Cedar, Missouri USA) married 7 Feb 1824 and in
1832 left Virginia for Missouri.  Together they had four sons and three daughters.
            46.  Nancy Rhoda Chaney *
            47.  Mary Ann Chaney *
            48.  Elizabeth Chaney *
            49.  Joel H. Chaney *
            50.  Robert Alexander Chaney *
            51.  Elisha Thomas Chaney *
            52.  Elias Hittson Chaney *

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