Charles Dodson Sr
B. 1648 Old Rappahanock, Virginia Colony
D. 6 Feb 1705 North Farnham  
8th Generation
Anne Elmore
B. 1650 Old Rappahanock, Virginia Colony
D. 2 Aug 1715 North Farnham Parish, Virginia
8th Generation
Thomas Durham
B. 6 Mar 1660 Virginia Commonwealth
D. 30 May 1715 Virginia Comonwealth
8th Generation
Dorothy Smoot
B. 7 Apr 1663 Farnham, Richmond, Virginia
D. 1714 Farnham, Richmond, Virginia
Patrick Rose
B. 1650 Kilravick, Morayshire, Scotland
D. 31 Mar 1727 Kilravick, Morayshire, Scotland
8th Generation
Margaret Isabel Tolloch
B. 1652 Kilvarick, Morayshire, Scotland
D. 1680 Kilravock, Morayshire, Scotland
8th Generation
James Blackerby
B. 1664 Northumberland, Virginia Commonwealth
D. 4 Feb 1743 Virginia Commonwealth
8th Generation
Mary Rose Wildly
B. 1666 Weidmore, Northumberland, Virginia
D. 1742 Weidmore, Northumberland, Virginia
8th Generation
Grandfather: Thomas Dodson Sr
B. 15 May 1681 Rappahanock, Virginia
D. 21 Nov 1740 Richmond, Virginia
7th Generation
Grandmother:Mary Smoot Durham
B. 5 June 1686 Old Rappahanock, Virginia
D. 21 Nov 1740 Farnham Parish, Virginia
7th Generation
Grandfather: Reverend John Rose
B. 1680 Kilvarick, Morayshire, Scotland
D. 17 Nov 1742 Virginia Commonwealth
7th Generation
Grandmother: Mary Blackerby
B. 1682 Weidmore, Virginia Colony
D. 1742 Weidmore, Virginia Colony
7th Generation
Father:  Thomas Dodson, Jr
B. 1 Oct 1701 North Farnham Parish, Virginia
D. 21 Oct 1783 Pittsylvania, Virginia
6th Generation
Mother:  Elizabeth Good Rose
B. 1706 Richmond, Virginia Commonwealth
D. 1766 Halifax, Virginia Commonwealth
6th Generation
Thomas "Second Fork" Dodson III
B. 3 October 1728
North Farnham Parish, Richmond, Virginia
D. 25 March 1816
County Line, Hawkins, Tennessee USA
5th Generation
Thomas "Second Fork"
Dodson III  
The Hittson Project
Wife:  Mary Neville  (1730-1816)
Birth 3 October 1728, North Farnham Parish, Richmond
County, Virginia Commonwealth
Marriage to Mary Neville
Residence is Prince William County, Virginia
11 August 1765 Baptism at Broad Run Baptist Church, Birch
Creek, Halifax, Virginia Colony.  The Dodson family moved
from Pittsylvania County to Birch Creek in Halifax County,
Virginia to build the Broad Run Baptist Church.  Later,
Alexander Hitt(son) donated the land for a new church and
01 Dec 1766 Halifax Co VA. Deed. Joseph TERRY to
Thomas DODSON, Jr. 44 acres on Burches Creek
18 Dec 1766-21 Mary 1767 (Halifax Co VA 06-363) Joseph
TERRY and wife Judith to Thomas DODSON for 50 pds., 400
acres on both sides Birch Creek, Being part of a larger tract
granted to TERRY in 1765 which was part of a large tract
granted to Hugh MOORE in 1760. Wits: John CREEL,
Lazarus DODSON, Raughley DODSON. Rec: 21 Mary 1767
14 Aug 1772 - 17 Dec 1772 (Halifax Co VA 08-504) 14 Aug
1772. Thomas DODSON, Jr. of Halifax Co. to Winiford
SPARKS, widow; for 12 pds., 466 acres on north draughts of
Birch Creek, adj. WILKESY on west side of Sexton Branch;
dividing line between sd DODSON and Thomas RICHARDS.
Rec: 17 Dec 1772.
Oath of Allegiance, Pittsylvania County, Virginia; Elisha
Dodson, George Dodson, Lazarus Dodson, Rolly Dodson,
Thomas Dodson
Revolutionary War:  March, 1778, Valley Forge, Chester,
Pennsylvania; Capt John Christie's Company, 5th
Pennsylvania Regiment, Commanded by Col. Francis
20 October 1780, Thomas Dodson Jr sold 30 acres to
Rhoderick McDaniel for $1000
Residence by land ownership in Halifax County and
Pittsylvania County, Virginia
Dec 1786 - 21 Jun 1787 (Halifax Co VA 14-112) 0 Dec
1786. David EVANS of Guilford Co., NC to Thos. DODSON
of Halifax Co, VA; for 165 pds., 200 acres in Pittsylvania co.
on both sides of Birch Creek adj. EDMONDS, John MARTIN,
Joseph KERBY, David EVANS, Charles CHELTON and
Womack BLANKENSHIP. Wits: John ATKINSON, James
FEARS, Richard GAINES. Rec: 21 June 1787
March, 1792 Residence County Line, Hawkins, Tennessee;
Thomas and Mary are listed as members of the  County Line
Baptist Church in Grainger County; in addition are listed
Jesse and Ruth Dodson, Elisha and Rachel Dodson, Thomas
Dodson, Nancy Dodson, Elizabeth Dodson, Utally Dodson,  
Alcy Johnson, and Winifred Johnson.
In September 1792, Thomas Dodson purchased 50 acres
from James King located in Hawkins County on the north side
of Holston River at the mouth of Blair's branch (Hawkins deed
10 Sep 1793 (Halifax Co VA 16-375) 10 Sept 1793 Caleb
DODSON to Thomas DODSON; for 50 pds., a tract on Birch
Creek adj. Charles CHILTON, George Combs, Robert
EVANS, Sr., Thos. DODSON and Caleb DODSON.
27 Jul 1795 (Halifax VA 16-397) 27 July 1795. William
JOHNSON (on behalf of the Baptist Church to which he
belongs as a member) to Thomas DODSON; for 3 pds., 3
acres beg. at the line branch between Wm. JOHNSON and
Cocky BROWN. Wits: M. WATKINS Rec: 27 July 1795
18 Jan - 22 Jul 1799 (Halifax VA 18-176) 18 Jan 1799.
Phebe Combs to Thomas DODSON; for 80 pds., 123 acres
on south side of Birch Creek adj. Thomas DODSON'S old
line, EDMUNDS, Robert CHEATHAM and Joseph
DODSON, being land sold to Phebe Combs by Robert
EVANS. Wits: Stokely SLAYDEN, Joseph DODSON, Moses
DODSON. Rec: 22 Jul 1799 (DNFP)
25 March 1816 died at County Line, Hawkins County,
Tennessee.  County Line Baptist Church was on the line
between Hawkins and Grainger Counties.  Burial at Big
Creek, Hawkins County, Tennessee USA
Agatha  Dodson  (1749-1830) m.  1.  Samuel Canterbury and m. 2.  Moses Hanks
Alice "Alcy" Dodson  (1751-1845) m. Stephen Johnson
Frances "Fanny" Dodson (1753-1804) m. Thomas Dodson
Elizabeth Dodson  (1754-1820) m. David Dodson
William Dodson  (Unk -1809)  no marriage
Samuel Dodson MD  (1755-1817)  m. Polly King
Winifred Dodson  (1759-1832)  m.  William Johnson
Rhoda Dodson  (1767-1814) m. Alexander Hittson
Jesse Dodson  (1770-1816)  m.  Judith Combs
Susannah Dodson  (1770-1837)  m.  James Johnson
Thomas Jeremiah Dodson  (1770-1809)  m.  Jemima Lockett Robinson
Leonard Dodson  (1772-1834)  m.  Mary Randall
Children of Thomas Dodson & Mary Neville