G-Grandfather:  John Hitt
B. 1715 Germanna, Virginia Colony
D. 1782 Prince William County, Virginia
G-Grandmother:  Sarah Pace
B. 1722 Fauquier, Virginia
D. 1755 Prince William, Virginia
G-Grandfather:  Thomas  Dodson
B. 03 Oct 1728, Richmond County, Virginia
M. 1747, Pittsylvania, Virginia Colony
D. 21 Oct 1783, Pittsylvania, Virgnia USA
G-Grandmother: Mary Neville
B. 1730 -  Moorefield, Hampshire, Virginia
D. 25 Apr 1826 - Maury County, Tennessee
G-Grandfather: Jeffrey Beck
B. 22 Jun 1721
D. Dec 1779 - Solebury, Bucks, Pennsylvania
G-Grandmother: Lydia Phillips
B. 15 Feb 1723 - Yadkin, North Carolina
D. 21 Jun 1753 - Orange, North Carolina
G-Grandfather: Benjamin Watts
B. 1740 - Culpeper, Culpeper, Virginia
D. 24 Jun 1786 - Chatham, North Carolina
G-Grandmother: Frances Frankie Teague
B. 1753 - Chatham, North Carolina
D. Maury, Tennessee
Grandfather: Alexander Hitt (Hittson)
B. 24 Mar 1754
Prince William County, Virginia Colony
D. abt 1823 Halifax County, Virginia
Grandmother: Rhoda Dodson
B. 1767 - Pittsylvania, Virginia Colony
D. 1814 - Maury, Tennessee
Grandfather:  John Emasy Beck
B. 1753 - Augusta, Virginia
D. 1840 - Beck Plantation, Marshall,
Mississippi USA
Grandmother: Frances Frankie
B. 1772 - Chatham, North Carolina
D. 1 Sep 1841 - Beck Plantation,
Marshall, Mississippi USA
Father:  Jesse Hittson
B.  15 Sep 1801 - Halifax, Virginia
D. 25 Nov 1861 - Weatherford, Parker, Texas
Mother:  Mary Ann Beck (Hart)
B. 22 July 1798 - Chatham, North Carolina
D.  10 Oct 1879 - Palo Pinto, Palo Pinto,
Texas USA
William Bedford Hittson
B.  14 Oct 1834 -Pleasant Hill, Maury, Tennessee
M.  29 Sep 1853 - Rusk County, Texas
D.  16 Nov 1905 - Mineral Wells, Stephens, Texas

Stock Raiser
Father of 2 sons and 10 daughters
Married 29 Sep 1853
Martha Brown
Prudie Hittson
Anna Hittson
John "Jack" Hittson
Mary Polly Hittson
Bettie Hittson
Jenny Hittson
Jesse Roy Hittson
Lula Hittson
Nancy Hittson
Willie Hittson
Mattie Hittson
The Hittson project
William Bedford Hittson
Married 06 Jan 1890
Elizabeth "Betty" J
Adelle Hittson
h i t
Cattle Brand
Shoulder - Rib- Hip
Two Circles Bar Ranch
The Stampeded Herd
Composed by Elizabeth Bond

Near the Double Mountains,
In the county of Stonewall
Bill Hittson owned two thousand steers
We'd gathered up that fall.
Tid Millsap and Prinkle Moore,
And others punchers, half a score,
Were standing guard that stormy night,
When those cattle all took fright.

Around the herd we took our stand;
It was too dark to see your hand,
All at once the lightning flashed,
Followed by the thunder's crash.
I think the clouds all sprung a leak,
For rain and hail stones fell in sheets
All the steers threw up their horns
And fled away before the storm.

The lightning played upon their backs
As they fled in terror, track on track,
It seemed that they would never tire
As they splashed on through the rain and mire.
The fittest of the herd survived;
The weak and slow ones lost their lives.
They trampled each other in the flight,
Two hundred steers were killed that night.

Our well trained mounts were in the race,
And with the cattle they kept pace;
Cowboys yelled 'til they were hoarse,
Trying to change them in their course.
When Prinkle Moore fired a shot,
They began to circle and finally stopped.
It ceased to rain, the storm was passed,
and they were bedded down at last.

We were soaked to the skin and a little saddle strained;
I have never seen a slicker that would keep out all the rain.
The cook kept some whiskey in the old chuck box,
That was good for snake bites and many other shocks;
And we all took a dram to dry up our tears,
That we had been shedding over losing those steers.
Uncle Bill Hittson was gathering steers to
send to the Territory (Indian Territory); he
had built a large picket corral near the
Double Mountains on Nicholson Flat.  We
penned about two thousand head there one
day, and that night they stampeded.  They
went over the fence and trampled about two
hundred to death and crippled many others.  
We had a nice job the next day killing the
crippled ones that could not live. (Letter
from Tom Bond to Josie Baird, Girard,
Texas, May 1935)
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Two Circles Bar Ranch
(called Circles Bar)
was originally developed and
owned by Jesse J Hittson in
partnership with his father,
John Nathan Hittson. brother
to William Bedford Hittson